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Client Testimonials

Lynn Evans

Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2017
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

My vision of my dream house has never been particularly specific except that I knew that the homes that spoke to me were those that appeared to have a history - firmly anchored in their setting, with various elements of stone, stucco, timbers, landscaping that had obviously evolved over time. More often than not, these elements were not ordered or symmetrical but somehow they combined to create a unique home unlike any other. During many trips to the UK and France, these were the types of homes that inspired my husband and I, and prompted us to either build a new home or renovate an existing home in the style of European Country. We recently purchased a home that we knew had great potential but quickly realized that although we had a vision, we did not have the expertise to turn the vision into a reality. After searching for anyone who could help, I had the very good fortune to discover Leo Dowell's work. After the first conversation with Leo, I knew that we had found the person who understood every detail necessary to create an authentic French Country home from a 1970's farm house design. Leo worked from pictures of the house and was able to walk us through the proposed changes and how they would contribute to the finished product - why certain materials would or would not work to achieve the desired end result. Leo then provided drawings that specified every detail of change to the house, including measurements and materials that our architect incorporated into the final plans. In addition, Leo provided us with a colored rendering of the finished product - spectacular! Our architect and contractor are fantastic but clearly none of us know how to create a truly authentic look. Leo has been wonderful to work with and offers the flexibility to be as involved with the project as we need him to be. He has provided us with a roadmap, and along the way has shared our excitement as we set about creating our dream home. Thank you Leo!

Eric Birnesser

Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2017
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

For those not interested in reading reviews in their entirety; if you can describe the feeling you’re trying to achieve using any of the following words, you are doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t reach out to Leo.

French, Country French, Old World, Romantic, Manor, Authentic European, etc.

The short descriptions that many people use to communicate the architectural style they want for their homes are what my wife and I spent years attempting to find by driving through countless neighborhoods and developments, scouring the internet with very few results that resonated. We found a good number of homes that had certain elements allowing us to say, we like the windows on this one, the shutters on that one, the roof pitch here, the material usage there, but nothing that was a complete picture of something we viewed as the place we would like to call home for the rest of our lives…it seems that most homes that are intended to be built in this style (in our case, 18th century French or even “Country French”) take some of the recognizable elements of the style and then wash them out with incorrect material choice or application, traits from conflicting architectural styles, or other more typical elements (stone/brick only on the front; EIFS stuck-on lintels or quoins, countless roof styles, etc.). Leo truly understands the details of what made these great homes what they were/are and translates that knowledge into a timeless appearance, allowing us to achieve what we were after from the beginning; a new construction home that looks like it was meant to be there, like it has been there for a few hundred years.

We started with an excellent architect (reviewed separately) who gave us everything we had asked of him. The architect came up with a great floor plan, provided consultation on room sizes and flow and really focused on functional rooms instead of just checking off amenities that new homes *should* have. All of this went a long way in helping us avoid those minor mistakes that some make when designing a home, not having truly thought through the way you want to live in the house. After getting everything in place, we felt that we were 95% to where we wanted to be, neither of us could put our finger on where we were missing…but we felt that we were still reaching for the authenticity and appearance of a true French home. We decided to reach out to Leo Dowell.

Leo took the dreams that we had in our minds of what the house should feel like as you approach it and put those dreams on paper. He not only adds the authentic details and makes the necessary adjustments, he tells you WHY and HOW. After receiving Leo’s hand drawings at the end of this recent phase of our project, my wife and I have completely stopped wasting time driving through neighborhoods and paging through the internet; we have a clear hand-drawn picture right in front of us that represents what we will soon call home.

Desantana Stone


Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: March 2008
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

De Santana Stone has partnered with Leo Dowell to create architectural stone elements from old world European villas for new luxury homes. Leo gives homeowners the design solutions to achieve authentically designed homes inspired by France in the 18th and 19th centuries. His designs seamlessly weave together vignettes from Parisian life with modern comforts and technology. These projects have thrilled clients and given us the pleasure of building a wonderful relationship with Leo.

Clients looking for a designer with an eye for detail and the vision to make the extraordinary a possibility look no further. Leo Dowell sets the bar high for French Country, luxury homes.

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